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URJA Euphoria - 2018 At IHS

Be part of URJA- Euphoria 2018
Enjoy the
Science exhibition at.... Science Club.
Awareness activity for all citizen at.... Awareness Club
Solo dance competition at... Flight of Fantasy
Groove into the music by.... Amitava Das
Food by.... Central Green
Kids Activity....
Color competition.... By Ace vision
And many more...


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Admission Result

Innokids GMT
1) Pre-School

2) Nursery

3) Nursery-Waiting

4) Notice

Innokids Loharan
1) Nursery

2) K.G-I

3) Nursery-Waiting

4) Notice-Nursery

5) K.G.-I-Waiting

6) K.G.-I-Notice

Innokids Cantt-Jandiala Road
1) Nursery

2) K.G.-I

Ek Rishta School Se Sarhad Tak

Innocentites participated enthusiastically in the activity conducted by Income Tax Department “Ek Rishta School Se Sarhad Tak” under which they made beautiful cards with beautiful messages on “New Year and Republic Day” for our armed forces expressing their gratitude and appreciation.