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IHS Proud Moment - District Level Chess Championship

Congratulations!!! Keep it up. 
Innocent Hearts Green Model Town student Utkrisht Tuli made his alma mater proud by attaining the third position while Roshang Verma of Loharan Branch came fourth in the Under 9 category in the District Level Chess Championship. 
Tanish Gupta (G.M.T.) of the Under 17 category stood fourth in the championship.


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Admission Result

Innokids GMT
1) Pre-School

2) Nursery

3) Nursery-Waiting

4) Notice

Innokids Loharan
1) Nursery

2) K.G-I

3) Nursery-Waiting

4) Notice-Nursery

5) K.G.-I-Waiting

6) K.G.-I-Notice

Innokids Cantt-Jandiala Road
1) Nursery

2) K.G.-I

“Swachh Bharat” By IHS Students

Under the aegis of Bowry Memorial Educational and Medical Trust our students of Class X took responsibility of the cleanliness and beautification of the School Garden under the “Swachh Bharat” drive.